Money Saving Tips

When pricing print projects, we do everything we possibly can to keep your per-item cost as low as posible and provide you with the best overall price posible.

Here's how you can help keep the cost down.

  • Volume Pricing -  The more you print the lower the cost per item. (A second print run will cost you a lot more than extended first runs.)
  • Rush Orders - Plan ahead. We organize our print work to run as effeciently as posible (run all blue jobs together, for instance.) If we have to clean and reink the press for your color temporarily because you need it "yesterday", we will have to recoup our extra manhour cost by charging more.
  • Press Ready Design - We have designers on staff to create a design or get your graphics ready for printing. However if you provide us with "press ready" artwork your job can go right to press and you will save money. Call or email us today to find out if we can use your digital files. Look here for our FAQ & submission guidelines.
  • Proof Reading - Have someone else proof read your copy for errors and check to see that your brochure folds as you want it to before you bring it to us. No matter how many times we proof-read text, we can miss the same glaring error each time it’s passed over. Another set of eyes can sort this quickly. In fact, the more people that proof your job the better. Unlike online content, print is permanent. Mistakes can’t be corrected without reprinting the entire job.
  • Ask us for money saving ideas on your project - Ask us how we can give you more bang for your buck. We are here to give you the best quality printing at a price that is within your budget.